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Global News Morning, Anchor: Laura Casella, Live interview for the Discovery of the Year Award from Québec Science magazine.April 25, 2022

RI-MUHC team receives Discovery of the Year Award from Québec Science magazineApril 25, 2022

RI-MUHC researchers led one of Québec Science magazine’s top 10 discoveries of the year - January 5th, 2022. January 12, 2022

One of the top ten scientific breakthroughs of 2021 selected by Québec Science magazine was achieved by researchers from the Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre (RI-MUHC) and McGill University. Using CRISPR “genetic scissors”, the team of Jean-Jacques Lebrun, senior scientist in the Cancer Research Program at the RI-MUHC and professor in the Department of Medicine at McGill…

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New study paves the way to novel treatment for Triple Negative Breast Cancer | McGill University Health CentreJune 02, 2021

Montreal, June 2, 2021 –Breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in women around the world, responsible for 1,700 deaths every day. Although the vast majority of breast cancers are treatable, the most aggressive subtype – triple negative breast cancer (TNBC) – has a high recurrence rate, a high potential for metastasis and shows resistance to conventional treatments, leading to very…

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Congratulations to Julien for obtaining the FRSQ scholarship award in this year competition (May 2021)May 11, 2021

Julien’s project aims at identifying critical cancer vulnerabilities underlying pancreatic cancer formation, using in vivo genome-wide CRISPR loss-of-function screening approaches.

Dasatinib, a Promising Anti-BCSC Agent in Combination with Paclitaxel to Overcome Chemotherapy Resistance in TNBCsOctober 02, 2018

We identified Dasatinib, a Src kinase family inhibitor, potently reduced BCSC self-renewal and two BCSC populations (ALDH+ and CD24lowCD44high) as well as phosphor-Src. We also demonstrated Dasatinib to block pac-induced BCSC enrichment and Src activation in the parental TNBC cells. Interestingly, we found that Dasatinib induced an epithelial differentiation of pac-resistant cells, resulting in…

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International Drug Discovery and Development Forum 2018September 30, 2018

The Drug Discovery and Development Forum 2018 will highlight New Trends in Drug Discovery: Small Molecule Approaches to Immunotherapy and Drug Conjugates. When: October 22nd - 24th, 2018 Where: Centre for Translational Biology McGill University Health Centre, 1001 Decarie Boulevard, Bloc E, Montreal, Quebec H4A 3J1 For more information, please contact us at : (514)934-1934 ext. 7643…

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New Marker and Potential Therapy for Triple Negative Breast CancersOctober 19, 2016

“Our study highlights new roles for CDK4 in regulating cancer stemness and as a novel prognostic marker in TNBC,” says Dr. Lebrun. Because the TNBC tumours are enriched with cancer stem cells – cells that utilize their self-renewal ability to generate and persistently propagate a heterogeneous tumor which results in metastasis and cancer relapse, while also displaying resistance to chemotherapy…

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Le scalpel du XXIe siècleFebruary 17, 2012

L'équipe de Michel Meunier, de l'École polytechnique de Montréal, a mis au point un nouveau scalpel intégrant les plus récentes technologies du XXIe siècle, telles qu'un laser à impulsions ultracourtes et des nanoparticules, et qui permet de pratiquer des incisions de quelques centaines de nanomètres (10-9 mètre) dans les tissus humains. En collaboration avec Jean-Jacques Lebrun, du Centre de…

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