Jean-Jacques Lebrun

Professor of Medicine | McGill University Health Center | Cancer Research Program | Molecular and Translational Oncology

Principal Investigator Headshot

Dr. Jean-Jacques Lebrun is a Full Professor of Medicine at McGill University and a member of the Cancer Research Program, Molecular and Translational Oncology Group at the McGill University Health Center in Montreal, Canada. Dr Lebrun multiple expertise’s lie in the fields of cancer research, molecular and cellular biology and signal transduction.

The research program aims at understanding processes underlying tumor suppression, cancer stemness, drug resistance, metastasis and tumor relapse, all considered major challenges in the management of cancer patients. Using several central lines of research utilizing various cellular model systems (in vitro), pre-clinical studies using xenograft mouse models (in vivo), human cancer specimens as well as bioinformatics analyses of large human tumors datasets, Dr. Lebrun’s research has expanded our knowledge of the molecular mechanisms that drive breast cancer invasion, metastasis, drug resistance and stemness.

Dr. Lebrun has received multiple national and international awards during his career his achievements and world-wide recognition are probably best illustrated by his impressive publication track record and frequent invitations to international meetings. Dr Lebrun formerly served as the Director of the Hormones and Cancer Research unit at the Royal Victoria Hospital and acted as Associate Dean for graduate and postdoctoral studies at McGill University. Professor Lebrun also serves as an editor in several scientific journals and as a member of many national and international grant panels. In 2012, Dr Lebrun was elected President of the “Club de Recherches Cliniques du Quebec”, a scientific institution that regroups all universities from Quebec and promotes science and research.

Dr. Lebrun’s laboratory is part of the Cancer Research Program, one of the most prominent programs within the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC). The MUHC is an internationally recognized biomedical and healthcare hospital research center, with over 500 researchers and 1,000 graduate and postdoctoral students. The MUHC is the largest medical and life sciences research facility of its kind in Canada, equipped with state-of-the-art technology and cutting-edge core facilities.